About The Diary

This diary was started in 1994 by a Master and slave couple who met over the Internet and eventually carried their relationship into real-life. They shared the on-going story of their always passionate and sometimes tumultuous power exchange relationship. You might call it the first Internet Blog, and originally appeared on D/s Kiosk.

“This diary is written through a submissive’s eyes. It will be at times intense, always very personal and always written for my Master.” ~natasha. Her diary lives through us all.

natasha danced into #submission in 1994. Her vivacious and sweet energy filled our chatroom much as it did in real life. Many of us became her fast friend. In 1994 there weren’t many women on IRC. You pretty much had to be a Geek and know UNIX Shell commands, or you needed a Mac. There was no web, there was only IRC and The Usenet. natasha had a Mac :).

We were both on the same coast, never slept, and shared so much in our submissive desires. We chatted into the early morning many times. We watched her grow as a submissive. We were all there when Cuffs and her Diary became reality. We all watched as she added little Kinky Cards to her diary, not knowing at the time what that would grow into.

I was fortunate to work with natasha later on in real life. Sadly she worked way too much and I never got to spend as much time as I wanted with her. But it was enough 🙂

It is about time someone gives CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE.

natasha was a true pioneer on the Internet. Not just in the BDSM – D/s world, but the whole darned Internet. Her Diary was the first Blog. Kinky Cards was the first successful eCard site and her success with the online toy store Adult Toy Chest hasn’t been met yet today, Cuffs/ Ds Kiosk was the first BDSM Resourse web site. She worked so many hours to make each of these a success.

It was her mind, her heart, and her soul that went into each of these sites. The Internet would be very different without her.

Cuffs is sadly gone to the BDSM world, but natasha and her Diary will always live here. It was always natasha’s wish that the Diary would be available to all, and this is a way we at #submission are honoring our dear friend and making her wishes come true.

In natasha’s spare time (and there wasn’t much of it) she used to loving restore Vintage images. We will also be adding those images to her diary. I think she would have liked that.

In late 2005 natasha crossed to the other side after an illness. We love you sweet friend, and know we will meet up one day where you are now dancing in fields of flowers. Freedom at last.

And now my dear friend, this site is for you, from all of us on #submission, where you added so much to our lives.