27 January 1995

Master I was thinking as I showered how you totally possessed me…. At times my body separates totally from my mind… As if it was a separate entity … Sometimes it is as if I watch myself removed at peace as you play use thrill me… These words came to mind I jotted them down very quickly…. I was thinking I would make a poem of them but the raw feeling and the love they were written with lead me not to want to disturb them or perfect them as the feeling is perfect… as is our love….

your slave

I like my body when it molds to your touch it undulates it sings it
dances my secret places wet pulsing I like my body under the fire of your touch
I watch it slip into passion I like what it does how it feels
as your fingers slide against my flesh I like my body when it moves
under your gaze fragile submitting seducing responding
begging to be filled explored touched
I like my scent when my body is near you
I like my body when I see it reflected In your eyes
Quivering as you gently touch my shoulder
I dance to the demands of your touch
I like my body I watch it sing in it’s glory
the edge of madness gripping as it explodes over and over
In a galaxy of lights falling over the edge
To be caught in your strong arms only to be lifted and used again and again

The beauty of our love washes me I feel the fire of your whip
the wetness seeps on my hot abraded flesh and
I slide into the sea of calm lost in your Dominion I am found….
Bound by your ropes and leashes I am free oh god exploding again
Screaming endless screams that become our symphony
As you open me splay me explore me and I give you all that I am
Extracting your desires lusty, powerful, raw,
I like my body when I see it reflected in my Master’s eyes ….

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