24 January 1995

I wrote the following poem (the next diary entry) this morning as I contemplated what a Master is … It says much of what my Master is for me where he has taken me ….. we can follow many Masters… our passion … our lust …countless others but the true Master is one who guides to our heights and for each person couple or family group it is individual.

There is no right no wrong. It is ever changing…. no absolutes we all have to find our own truth…. It matters not the name of Master or slave only that each finds their needs met in their exchange

Thank you.. all for giving me the gift of your insight and allowing me to share my heart to send out my thoughts to hear what you think … I bow to you with respect…. may we all walk our paths heads held high and find our contentment ….

In closing I whisper across the room I adore you my Master and bow natasha

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