23 January 1995

Master the following is a post I wrote in response to the thread in the MaleDom mail list ~~How does a Dom become a Dom?~~ It set me to thinking about how I came to be in your Dominion you called I came … And we found our glory….

It is an interesting thread the idea of what a Master is … How does he become a Master…is he a Master in and of himself … Or is his Mastery the sum of the situation he is in…. One would hope we are all masters of ourselves to some degree…. because when I can not master myself I lose focus …then I become scattered my surrender suffers … when I put my Master first I am at peace …. is this something that is taken from me or is it something I give….

I hope I do not lose you here because my Masters dominion is strong he grabs me by the hair pushes my face to the floor and says focus fall back into me… where are you? Come back… But he can not make me I need some control with in myself … I must allow it… (Though his control his ability to play to raise me melts into this and is crucial)

So… in essence I empower my Master… How does a Dom get started…. I believe a Master gets started by being empowered …having a focus a direction … a vision…. Does it matter how he discovered his needs? Do I care how he arrived to me and called me into his circle does it matter to me ? No… What matters to me is when he calls I go to him with out question and if there are questions he answers them …some times gently sometimes by stepping on my neck and ~showing me my place in our power exchange ~

alexus said in a prior post:

Speaking from PURELY preference, I cannot IMAGINE submitting to a man who is/has/will sub to another. I realize there are very good arguments to that side of things, but for me.. If I knew Master David could be DOMMED, my feelings for him would most likely change. I am a very strong woman, and NEED to know that he is STRONGER, in every way. The thought of him on his knees gives me the creeps…

my response…

I find that extremely valid for alexus because surrender has to be without question … there can be no well maybe if this… maybe if that …it can have no doubt…. so if the thought of her Master having knelt to another troubles her then it is a REAL ISSUE …..she can not empower him with doubt….

It is a wonderful thing how we can all get home by different paths … The idea is to get home find fulfillment and how fortunate we all are to be able to explore our depths together… each i seeking it’s dot each t seeking it’s cross… I found mine…In my Master Artful other’s had the opportunity but perhaps did not find it in him … it was not their truth …

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