22 January 1995

Again we dance in the light of our love yesterday behind and as I walk by you side I smile ….. We have explored so much in these past five months you have asked me to wear your collar and I will …. Though after the heart break of the collar I took last year …. To find my master was married and had been lying I swore I would not wear a collar unless I met my Master flesh to flesh first and had a long standing relationship. Our circumstances keep us apart for a time and I can not imagine not wearing your collar … I am honored and humbled and look forward to the day when we celebrate our commitment both with our irc friends and with our real time finds how lucky I am to have the opportunity to pledge myself and celebrate twice……To the man I swear my allegiance to my devotion to … to the man who owns my very breath……my thoughts …my dreams…. My screams…. Al that I am all that I will become…. Oh God Master how I adore and worship you surely this slave will burst with her love…….

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