21 January 1995

I call I am horrified to tell you frightened of your hurt you are silent tell me thank you for being truthful. Had I waited an extended time and …..and continue to lie you would have had no choice but to leave trust gone.

You ask me to tell you of the scene what we explored here he took me the agony as I tell you as best I can asking you not to ask this of me but you do not relent there will be no secrets between us you say so I relive my deceit painful word thought and moment deed by deed…

You are hurt that our friend disregarded your wishes. I tell you I am the temptress, I can not let him take the blame I am equally if not more at fault….

We talk explore pain rises …. The pain subsides what seems like hours later I fall back to the place I belong your dominion ah peace we suffered together grew together and again came out stronger than ever I adore you I think of you every moment I dream of you at night I awaken the phone rings and my master says come to me my sweet slave my angel I always will …. I was yours since the dawn of time and more than ever believe I will be when the last light goes out I adore you Master …. With all that I am and all that you are and we dwell in peace again and more complete I now know temptation is a moment, the pain is a little scar that stays ever so long…?.

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