19 January 1995

I with my fiery temper declare war and write back furious because you hung up with my usual drama I say you walked away from me … I do not feel owned ect ect …. Stamping my foot indignant …. Telling you I will speak to you tomorrow as I am going out….. Oh this does not please you …you write back to me as I have taken the phones off the hook….


You are doing what you said you would not do. You have never been so insolent and disobedient.. at the same time you now tell me I cannot have access to you until sometime tomorrow.



natasha said —> You never walked away from me

Master answered —> and I didn’t walk away from you.. I hung up the phone in frustration…. and you conveniently made it so I couldn’t call back. You had better find a way to contact me — Make time

Master now the lines are drawn and you say that’s it, no more dancing I get this note:


Just in case I don’t speak with you before you go out….. I expect you to be home at decent hour, around the original time you told me. If not, you will have hell to pay.

My ownership of you is not based on your feelings.. just because you don’t feel owned doesn’t mean I am going to change my expectations of you. Now.. if don’t *want* me to own you. then I suggest you tell me.. I will take it into consideration *after* am finished using you for me pleasure.

If you don’t meet my expectations.. its going to come out of your hide.. and I will paint your thighs blue with bruises. At this point we are looking at a cane.. fuck with me any more and we will use an electric cord.

I love you natasha… but just because I love you does not mean I’m going to take shit off of you. You say you were playing this morning.. we both know you were fucking with me. Its going to stop.. or there will rough times ahead. Mostly for your ass and thighs.

You just make sure you get your round little ass home at a decent hour and sober enough to know what you have coming.

Call me or page me when you get home. Here is my pager # ———— —no excuses natasha…. slave.

Your Master and Owner.. (whether you fucking feel it or not)



Well knowing you are right I surrender find my home in you …. I get home 3 hours earlier than I planned as I miss you and need to resolve this situation and of course you take me home……. And my bottom is sore for three days … Smiles but still inside me is a secret turmoil……

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