18 January 1995

We are into day three of the computer crisis I start to get real weird … I miss our oasis you are now starting to react to my attitude and I am trying to avoid you so I will not say things I do not mean it is really the computer I am hating and these 300 disks in front of me and missing just falling back into our world… Your notes take on a new tone as I become a real pain ….


Just wanted to let you know that no matter how pissy you get.. or if life temporarily overwhelms your surrender..

I still love you.. and own you.. you are my forever prisoner. my forever slave.. albeit your delicious bottom will be a little worse for the wear, as it shall be soon. This much I promise.

I adore you my hot blooded and hot headed slave.. I really do.


Ps. Tell your sweet little rosebud good morning for me.


The undertone is sweet slave you are pushing and that bottom is mine … Get out the flogger the paddle you will be whimpering into the phone soon…

It is so difficult to be your hands Master so much easier to sink into the flogger I do not hold but it is our only route for now so we follow the path ahead of us and dream of the days to come.

Well in this nasty little state of mind I am in I say NO! I have never done that my mouth says no but my heart my soul screams yesssssssssssss….. I decide to rebel and you in frustration hang up on me and walk around the room to not react in anger….

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