5 January 1995

My darling Master as I was reading through my mail I reread your letters to me when I lost my proverbial temper and then ashamed found it hard to face you. This exchange of emails speaks volumes of how you play me ( like a Master violinist plays a simple violin and makes it sound like a Masterpiece) . It makes me think of a poem my friend sent some time back…

Again I lay us open and wonder if we should consider taking our diary off the net as we delve deeper and deeper in each others souls how much of ourselves do we want to reveal. In the end does that matter or is it just an illusion when we hide what we are because in essence we are still what we are so should we hide our shame or reveal it …does it make it not so real to hide it?

God you know me you pull you turn you stretch you train and guide in such a wonderful way…it seems you always know what is right …I adore you Master (tomorrow’s entry is the poem that shedevyl sent and the day that follows the exchange of emails where you gently coax me back to the fold where you can deal with my transgressions ) I adore you Master. Thank you for your sensitivity your awareness of me and your never ending Dominance…You are a Master among Masters.

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