4 January 1995

As we work through the day we touch each other reach out say I love you in so many ways…. I think those thoughts those touches the cards the letters we send, the poems we write, all the little things that keepus fresh alive ecstatic … The sweet little silly moments I love how we balance D/s in our life it is our focal point and the basis of who we are but we flow with it so comfortably most of the time that we do not have to think of it… it is just who we are … All I can say to that is my Master is perfect for me.

I adore you Master

{Artful}   hello baby
{Artful}   I love you
{natasha_}   I am going work on our diary
{natasha_}   beep me if you need me
{natasha_}   I raise you 1 love  and add an adore and
{Artful}   I’ll fold you
{Artful}   then hold you
{Artful}   put my anti-up in your kitty
{Artful}   give  you a poker and a stud
{Artful}   And some diamonds along with my heart
{Artful}   I love you
{natasha_}   I love you
{Artful}   mmmmmm smiling
{natasha_}   let me know if you want to take a break a bit later and
go play
{natasha_}   leaning against you as I work
{Artful}   OK my lover
{Artful}   I adore you

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