1 January 1995

…….. continued from December 31, 1994

I spent the day encouraging `natasha to be frank with her feelings.. feeling just terrible.. both emotionally and physically.. To make it worse.. I felt she would always remember our first new year as the day I let her down. This I could not bear.

I did not know what to do, I wished I could take back the previous day.. do it all again. Somehow I got the crazy idea that it was yesterday in Australia.. across the international date line (who knows if it really is.. but hey, it sounded good) .. So.. I worked all day and prepared a virtual trip to Australia and suprised her with it before midnight.. a chance to do new years eve over again and do it right.

I am happy to say that it worked. I know she would of forgiven me anyway… but I could not stand the thought of having destroyed her desire for sweet memories of our first new year together.. We had so much fun on our virtual trip to Australia, `natasha asked me to make the story public.. Obviously I agreed….. so.. if you would like.. feel free to share with us our excursion to “Land Down Under” and my trip out of the proverbial dog house. What was that about Doms and not showing their weaknesses? (smiling)

I Adore you my precious darling…(a little silliness goes a long way)

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