27 December 1994

There are many things in the universe,
that cannot be without the other.
The sun cannot be the sun without the moon,
the day cannot be the day without the night,
the sea cannot be the sea without the shore,
the Master cannot be the Master without the slave…
and my darling natasha.. I cannot be without you.
I love you with all my heart.. and always will – thank you
for all that you are… I love you my darling
——- Master

My darling.. we have been together four months now.. it seems like an eternity and a blink of an eye at the same time. We wondered at one point if what we had was true… would we super-nova. Well we are still here.. and the depth of our power exchange does nothing but intensify.. We seem to be taking steps at the pace we feel comfortable… and making our own path.. making what is right for us. Who knows how long fate has planned for us… regardless, I work to make it forever, the optimist that I am. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me natasha. You never ask “How may I serve you”.. something you know I abhor. Rather.. you have come to know me, learned my needs, watch me and anticipate me and ‘DO’ the things that please me, that make me happy, that fill me to the point at which I over flow. Yes.. our communication is electronic, but the things we do for one another are real. You demonstrate your love for me daily. You never let me forget how you feel, never let me doubt. God you are so perfect for me, smiling, you know my needs are insatiable.

There have been a few difficult times along our path, smiling, as anyone who knows us or who reads our diary can plainly see. I think we fall victim to our intensely passionate natures. That side of us can be a two edged sword and at times can work to our detriment. But as you know, after every one of our trials (and there have only been a few), I have expressed my gratitude. Nietzsche wrote, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger”. And after our trials it has been gratifying to see how we have worked through them. If we are to expect any longevity at all.. we must have the capacity to forgive and understand, be slow to anger, and quick to share our love. In assessing our journey, it seems we have these characteristics. Through it all however, we always seem to find that amazing peace when we are bathed in one another. It never fails, when we surrender to the truth of our power exchange, the peace washes over us and protects us as we bask in our love. Its wonderful that we can enjoy tender moments, and in a flash, a violent love most could not understand. I am amazed at the fullness of what we have. Its hard to imagine what it will be like when we are finally together. I cannot promise you we will make it out of the airport safely (smiling). Maybe I’ll bribe a customs agent to borrow his interrogation room. I’ll put you up against the wall and give you a delicious strip search. Mmmmmmmm….. you know I’ll have to check to see if you are concealing any contraband within your body (evil chuckle).

natasha, thank you for my treasure. I will always cherish you and lift you to the heavens. You have made me happier than I could ever imagine.

Your Forever Master,

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