24 December 1994

It has been a long time since I have entered our logs in our journal… I think I would like to close out the year with some of our conversations…one of the things that I feel keeps us always on the edge of our seat is our constant reaching out the way we explore each others souls this is a little conversation were we reiterate our needs.

I always have so much fun with you Master you are my best friend my lover my Master my confidant … I adore you …

{natasha} Kissssssssssssssssssssssssss
{natasha} I adore you
{natasha} looking at you softly
{natasha} Kneeling by you
* Artful looks at you with playful eyes and a smile
{natasha} Hands on your knees… grins
{natasha} How I adore you Master
* Artful Spreads his knees making your hands fall and your
chin drop to my lap
* natasha laughs
{Artful} My perfect little slave
{natasha} and …. bites at your manhood through your
{Artful} ouch
{natasha} Master for you what do you need in a slave
* Artful Leans and pinches a nipple
{natasha} What if you had to make a top ten list of
qualities that would please you in a slave what
would they be?
* natasha ******Yelps*******
{Artful} I would have to think to quantify and prioritize..
but, here is what I am looking for,  in general
{natasha} And not a * Letterman List * please …. giggles
{Artful} From the home office in Lincoln Nebraska
{Artful} 1… smiles … she has to be able to handle my all
consuming love my demands and needs etc.
{Artful} Extremely bright
{Artful} Vivacious and effervescent
* natasha listens
{Artful} One who can pull me from my darkness to the
light..  encourage my little boy to play
and have fun
{Artful} She must love to laugh
{Artful} Easily forgive
{Artful} Be kind and devoted.. extremely loyal..  honest
{Artful} Strive to lift me up.. as I will her
{Artful} Have the same burning love for me .. as I have for her
{Artful} Hunger for my domination
{Artful} Communicate her needs
* natasha smiles
{Artful} Be incredibly sensuous
{Artful} Accept me for who I am for my strengths and weaknesses
{Artful} have a love for people in general
{Artful} our characteristics should compliment one another
{natasha} That is a long long long list Master … Grins at you
{natasha} Out of all those where do you feel I am the weakest
{natasha} and where is my greatest strength
{Artful} that’s the amazing thing
{Artful} you are strong in all areas
{Artful} one area however…
{natasha} You are lovely Master
{natasha} Yes Master
{Artful} In you are kind and love others to a fault sometimes
{Artful} Sometimes when it is detrimental to you
{natasha} Do you know how many people have told me that over my life
time Master
{Artful} But you match My needs so perfectly
{Artful} every one with ears and eyes?
{Artful} grins
{natasha} Now can I tell you what must be a *very closely guarded
secret because most do not see it?
{natasha} Because I do love so much I forgive everyone do you know
what that means ?
{Artful} yes
{Artful} tell me
{natasha} That means I hold no anger in my heart
{natasha} Who wins Master
{natasha} the occasional mean person or me?
{Artful} oh.. I agree whole heartedly
{Artful} I am not a grudge holder either
{Artful} but you know that
{natasha} so why for a few tears and a few moments of pain
{natasha} would I keep even an inclining of the negativity in me
{natasha} I just keep believing the next moment they will be better
{Artful} I love you so much
{Artful} you are so perfect to me
{Artful} for me
{Artful} perfect
* natasha grins
{Artful} for me
{natasha} now do you want to hear my top 10
{Artful} yes I do
{Artful} I’m hoping I have a few of your top 10 characteristics
{natasha} OK lol I think you have those and more
{natasha} Class
{natasha} Honesty
{natasha} Kindness
{natasha} Humor
{natasha} Intelligence¬† … wise
{natasha} Creative
{natasha} A lust For Life
{natasha} Sexual very lusty
{natasha} A lust for Knowledge
{Artful} well..
{Artful} I’m Kind of sexual
{Artful} 1 out of 10 isn’t all that bad
{Artful} do you think?
{natasha} ha ha … Kind of sexual yes eyes dancing … I need a few
more orifices I think to last the rest of my life with you
{natasha} not done
{Artful} OK
{natasha} I need him to love me to distraction
{natasha} and I need to love him to distraction a true romance I know
many submissives / slaves do not seek this they just desire to be
dominated… I need to adore and be adored
{natasha} I need to feel growth and change
{Artful} what?
{Artful} oh
{natasha} and I need to feel trust and respect
{Artful} sorry – I was distracted
{Artful} some love was whipping around my head in a frenzy
{natasha} you mean my throwing my leg over the arm of the chair and
stroking my pussy and licking my fingers and moaning
distracted you Master?
{natasha} batting my eyes
{natasha} pursing my *do me red lips*
{natasha} throwing my head back and laughing
{Artful} um no… not that.
{Artful} there was a crumb on your chin
{Artful} I couldn’t take my eyes off it
{natasha} looks at you and pretends to glare…laughs…you know Master
I could go on for hours and you would fill every wish
{Artful} grins
{Artful} I feel the same about you
{Artful} totally
{Artful} its soooo damn amazing
{natasha} quite nice really darling she says in her best *English
{natasha} and though I enjoy the chats on the channels
{Artful} pip pip cheerio and all that kind of rot
{natasha} I am most often content
{natasha} truly content when I feed off of you
{Artful} me too
{natasha} I truly adore you my Master
{natasha} And I live to serve you
{Artful} And I am truly sooo in love .. and live to protect and love
and dominate you
{natasha} oh and Master the one important thing I did not say
{natasha} it needs to be the one
{natasha} I can put before all else
{natasha} so well we seemed to have the same recipe
{Artful} yes
{Artful} we make the perfect cake
* Artful eats you and gets frosting all over his face
{natasha} it would be fun to do this every four months or so and see if
the needs have changed in our perception
{Artful} yes

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