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8 January 1995

These are the emails where you call your slave back to your folds … so aware of my needs …so in tune… not forgetting you own me for a minute but making me face myself gently ….waiting for the perfect moment to exercise your dominion as you wish never forcing just because you own me … but compelling me to be a good slave … And yet I know the punishment awaits at some time …. when you see fit … if you see fit … I never make the mistake to think I skated or pulled a fast one I know better … God I love you

Subject: Questions

Date: Wed, 08 Jan. 1995 06:38:56 -0700
From: natasha natasha@***.com
To: Artful@***.com

You made me question what felt so easy so right calling you when I needed you no need to explain no need to say … Just understood that if we ever felt lost or needed one another or painted oneself into a corner that I felt I had we could call reach out and there would be no need to explain or perhaps I just wanted to be with you … You tainted what felt so right …

Subject:  Re: Questions

Date:  Wed, 08 Jan. 1995 21:52:55 -0500
From: Artful Artful@***.com
To: natasha@***.com

At 06:38 AM 1/8/95 -0700, you wrote:
or perhaps I just wanted to be with you …you tainted what felt so right about….

You shouldn’t let my few words taint your feelings.. just like I don’t let your tantrums.. or your bitchiness last week taint my feelings about you … Not only is it not logical … its not fair of you… you often talk about letting your Master be human and your capacity to forgive … to forever taint your sweet feelings because of a few words … which really weren’t mean or nasty anyway … is to negate what you profess. You are ‘my’ sweet brat natasha … but don’t be ‘a’ brat..

I adore you natasha.. even through your little tantrums.. smiles… you are my baby.. and you know it..


Subject: You
Date: Wed, 08 Jan. 1995 21:55:41 -0500
From:  Artful Artful@***.com
To:   natasha@***.com

Now straighten up and call your Master.. you sweet silly girl you.. I adore you… and your naughty bottom.


Subject: You
Date: Wed, 08 Jan. 1995 22:00:29 -0500
From: Artful Artful@***.com
To: natasha@***.com

I know you are sitting there wanting to call me.. your luscious pussy is twitching.. telling you to call your Master.. she is saying “don’t be so stubborn …call your Master”

I adore you baby – smiling.. I really do .. god I want your lovely bottom.


Subject:  Re: Questions
Date: Wed, 08 Jan. 1995 07:09:41 -0700
From: natasha natasha@***.com
To: Artful Artful@***.com

yes I know it but now I feel backed in a corner and ashamed and my dumb PRIDE won’t let me relent.

Subject: Re: Questions
Date: Wed, 08 Jan. 1995 22:03:51 -0500
From: Artful Artful@***.com
To: natasha@***.com

At,2) 07:09 AM 1/8/95 -0700, you wrote:
yes I know it but now I feel backed in a corner and ashamed and my dumb pride won’t let me relent

Smiling.. my darling .. in a case like this you must listen to your throbbing pussy.. and come to your Master… Let your love and devotion to your Master transcend your pride.. give me your shame natasha… I own that too. You know that I do.


Subject:  Patience

Date: Wed, 08 Jan. 1995 22:07:00 -0500
From: Artful Artful@***.com
To:  natasha@***.com

Come to me natasha.. my slave.. my sweet property.. surrender.. fall backwards into my dominion .. lay your self before me..

I will always love you.. and keep you.. You will always belong to me.


Subject: Re: Patience

Date: Wed, 08 Jan. 1995 08:06:15 -0700
From:  natasha natasha@***.com
To:  Artful Artful@***.com

Oh Thank you
your forever slave … natasha

7 January 1995

And so my Master just as I awoke filled with you …I had to rise and write this I adore you ….the touch of your hand … “The Touch Of A Master’s Hand.” has turned a woman into an adoring slave…. It has turned a heart that was filled with joy and passion into an inferno of passion that is bursting with joy… It has made all that I am a bit shinier a bit more glowing…it has taken me deeper…I am so filled with you I am exploding I adore you and I live to serve you what more can I say. Tell me Master has a slave ever become so filled with her Master that she explodes…as I close this I smile to think of your pleasure when you awake and see my love written down for you in your mail box … I adore you … I adore you … I adore you … your slave, your toy, your lover, your brat, your slave, your soul, natasha

6 January 1995


‘Twas battered and scarred, and the auctioneer
Thought it scarcely worth his while…
To waste much time on the old violin,
But held it up with a smile.
“What am I bidden, good folks,” he cried,
“Who’ll start the bidding for me”
“A dollar, a dollar,” then, two! Only two?
“Two dollars, and who’ll make it three?
“Three dollars, once; three dollars, twice;
Going for three…” But no,
From the room, far back, a gray-haired man
Came forward and picked up the bow;
Then wiping the dust from the old violin,
And tightening the loose strings,
He played a melody pure and sweet
As a caroling angel sings.

The music ceased, and the auctioneer,
With a voice that was quiet and low,
Said: “What am I bid for the old violin”
And he held it up with the bow.
“A thousand dollars, and who’ll make it two?
Two thousand! And who’ll make it three?
Three thousand, once; three thousand, twice
And going and gone,” said he.
The people cheered, but some of them cried,
“We do not quite understand What changed its worth”
Swift came the reply:
“The Touch Of A Master’s Hand.”

5 January 1995

My darling Master as I was reading through my mail I reread your letters to me when I lost my proverbial temper and then ashamed found it hard to face you. This exchange of emails speaks volumes of how you play me ( like a Master violinist plays a simple violin and makes it sound like a Masterpiece) . It makes me think of a poem my friend sent some time back…

Again I lay us open and wonder if we should consider taking our diary off the net as we delve deeper and deeper in each others souls how much of ourselves do we want to reveal. In the end does that matter or is it just an illusion when we hide what we are because in essence we are still what we are so should we hide our shame or reveal it …does it make it not so real to hide it?

God you know me you pull you turn you stretch you train and guide in such a wonderful way…it seems you always know what is right …I adore you Master (tomorrow’s entry is the poem that shedevyl sent and the day that follows the exchange of emails where you gently coax me back to the fold where you can deal with my transgressions ) I adore you Master. Thank you for your sensitivity your awareness of me and your never ending Dominance…You are a Master among Masters.

4 January 1995

As we work through the day we touch each other reach out say I love you in so many ways…. I think those thoughts those touches the cards the letters we send, the poems we write, all the little things that keepus fresh alive ecstatic … The sweet little silly moments I love how we balance D/s in our life it is our focal point and the basis of who we are but we flow with it so comfortably most of the time that we do not have to think of it… it is just who we are … All I can say to that is my Master is perfect for me.

I adore you Master

{Artful}   hello baby
{Artful}   I love you
{natasha_}   I am going work on our diary
{natasha_}   beep me if you need me
{natasha_}   I raise you 1 love  and add an adore and
{Artful}   I’ll fold you
{Artful}   then hold you
{Artful}   put my anti-up in your kitty
{Artful}   give  you a poker and a stud
{Artful}   And some diamonds along with my heart
{Artful}   I love you
{natasha_}   I love you
{Artful}   mmmmmm smiling
{natasha_}   let me know if you want to take a break a bit later and
go play
{natasha_}   leaning against you as I work
{Artful}   OK my lover
{Artful}   I adore you

3 January 1995

Master I have this vision of you standing before me … a half smile on your face …watching me … quietly gauging me … I am before you naked kneeling awaiting your desire … Knowing that I live to please you and yet knowing you serve me as well as no other ever has our exchange is perfection. Perfectly opposite, perfectly equal, I bask in your Dominion.

This concept of Master serving his slave is one that many might take exception to but in essence the fact that the master guides, stretches, bends, loves and protects serves his slave…In the truest sense of the word the Master gives as much as theslave again perfectly equal and
perfectly opposite….

{natasha_} Kneels before her Master in sweet surrender
{natasha_} I adore you Master
{Artful} Smiles
{Artful} I love you my angel
{natasha-} We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only
fly embracing each other. You are my  guardian angel and I am
your angel slave
{Artful} mmmmmm
{Artful} God I adore you
{natasha-} Smiles

2 January 1995

Though we ended the old year and started the new year in a bit of a storm, it was a good thing… while I live to serve you I am not a doormat and can not be taken for granted and I know you would not want one to serve you who would accept being negated… I suppose at some point there is a line perhaps the line is when you say something I count on it …. because I know there will be many times when I do not wish to do something but I will do it to serve you push myself so that I can show you the depth of my devotion and love… Many times you now push me till I sob and then take me to you and rebuild me… but the New Year’s was different… it was a commitment broken… But Master you turned that moment into growth for both of us… you did not discount my hurt …you did not attempt to hide behind your Dominion but simply said I am sorry and set out to heal… I adore you. You are a King among men thank you for loving me so.

{Artful} I love you so
{natasha_} You redefined the depth of your devotion
{natasha_} I love YOU so
{Artful} What do you mean by that… just curious
{natasha_} Well Master when the chips were down
{natasha_} You came through with the greatest of gifts your time
your love
{natasha_} You showed me how it hurt you to disappoint me
{natasha_} You put your money where your mouth was so to speak
{Artful} It was like my guts ripping out
{natasha_} You did not discount my feelings
{natasha_} even though you could of just called me dramatic
{natasha_} And knew I would of forgiven you
{natasha_} Instead you worked to heal it
{Artful} I knew you would forgive me…but that wasn’t enough for me
{natasha_} I know and that showed me so much about you
{natasha_} The things that can not be  covered over, hidden, the real
actions the things that transcend the net
{natasha_} You always hear me say people leave hints about what they
really are… THAT, my Master was a big hint about the kind
of  man you are
{Artful} Listens.. water in his eyes
{natasha_} that is why when people say you can not really know
people on the net they are wrong, all you have to do is
look with your heart
{natasha_} There were many lessons here for both of us
{natasha_} You know how I count on you
{natasha_} That I was willing to give up a party to be with you
{natasha_} I know that when you mess up
{natasha_} You will make it right
{Artful} I will do my best at any rate
{natasha_} That you will not take my feelings for granted
{natasha_} so many lessons so many things we learned about one another
{Artful} When I say you are the best thing that has ever happened
to me..  I wasn’t lying
{natasha_} You are the light of my life and may well be the best
thing I have  ever had in my life
{natasha_} Because now I am what my heart always yearned for owned by
my Master and living in D/s … I adore you Master
{natasha_} Grins  I adore you … yes I do
{Artful} I love you with all my heart natasha

1 January 1995

…….. continued from December 31, 1994

I spent the day encouraging `natasha to be frank with her feelings.. feeling just terrible.. both emotionally and physically.. To make it worse.. I felt she would always remember our first new year as the day I let her down. This I could not bear.

I did not know what to do, I wished I could take back the previous day.. do it all again. Somehow I got the crazy idea that it was yesterday in Australia.. across the international date line (who knows if it really is.. but hey, it sounded good) .. So.. I worked all day and prepared a virtual trip to Australia and suprised her with it before midnight.. a chance to do new years eve over again and do it right.

I am happy to say that it worked. I know she would of forgiven me anyway… but I could not stand the thought of having destroyed her desire for sweet memories of our first new year together.. We had so much fun on our virtual trip to Australia, `natasha asked me to make the story public.. Obviously I agreed….. so.. if you would like.. feel free to share with us our excursion to “Land Down Under” and my trip out of the proverbial dog house. What was that about Doms and not showing their weaknesses? (smiling)

I Adore you my precious darling…(a little silliness goes a long way)

31 December 1994

I was in a channel discussion the other day. The topic was “Why do Doms have such a difficult time showing their weaknesses”. I chuckled to myself because I wondered why I have such a difficult time hiding mine. `natasha and I frequently speak on the concept regarding shame. I define shame as those deep down feelings of inadequacy that all humans have. I believe its a part of the human condition.. to feel like we should be something better than human.. yet daily we are confronted by our inescapable humanness. The resulting cognitive dissonance motivates us humans to all sorts of foolish things.. to prevent others from discovering that we are suffering from the same terminal disease they are.. the disease of humanness. `natasha and work to crash through these walls of shame that by their nature.. wreak havoc on interpersonal relationships. Personally, I combat shame by changing my perception of my place in the universe. I consider myself to be perfect.. the perfect human.. with all the frailties and silly nonsense that goes along with being human. `natasha is also perfect.. the perfect slave for me.. the perfect woman.. the perfect companion. Does that mean I think she can do no wrong? Of course not, as we all do, she fulfills her destiny as the “perfect human” quite nicely. We work very hard to share all feelings with one another.. even the painful ones.. it helps keep our power exchange fresh and pure. We work just as hard to quickly forgive one another when necessary.

Today, `natasha had the perfect opportunity to “put her money where here mouth is” with respect to quickly forgiving… we had made plans to be together on the phone at midnight and ring in our first new year together. Well.. what can I say.. I stood her up.. I had too much New Years brew at a neighbors house.. a condition I rarely find myself in.. ( I hate the loss of control ). Too drunk to have a conversation, too hung over the next day to be of worth to anyone. Needless to say natasha was heartbroken.. hurt.. and angry with me.. It’s so odd how I have no problem laying delicious painful welts on her thighs yet at the same time, to discover I have hurt her precious heart devastates me.

……continued January 1, 1995

27 December 1994

There are many things in the universe,
that cannot be without the other.
The sun cannot be the sun without the moon,
the day cannot be the day without the night,
the sea cannot be the sea without the shore,
the Master cannot be the Master without the slave…
and my darling natasha.. I cannot be without you.
I love you with all my heart.. and always will – thank you
for all that you are… I love you my darling
——- Master

My darling.. we have been together four months now.. it seems like an eternity and a blink of an eye at the same time. We wondered at one point if what we had was true… would we super-nova. Well we are still here.. and the depth of our power exchange does nothing but intensify.. We seem to be taking steps at the pace we feel comfortable… and making our own path.. making what is right for us. Who knows how long fate has planned for us… regardless, I work to make it forever, the optimist that I am. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me natasha. You never ask “How may I serve you”.. something you know I abhor. Rather.. you have come to know me, learned my needs, watch me and anticipate me and ‘DO’ the things that please me, that make me happy, that fill me to the point at which I over flow. Yes.. our communication is electronic, but the things we do for one another are real. You demonstrate your love for me daily. You never let me forget how you feel, never let me doubt. God you are so perfect for me, smiling, you know my needs are insatiable.

There have been a few difficult times along our path, smiling, as anyone who knows us or who reads our diary can plainly see. I think we fall victim to our intensely passionate natures. That side of us can be a two edged sword and at times can work to our detriment. But as you know, after every one of our trials (and there have only been a few), I have expressed my gratitude. Nietzsche wrote, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger”. And after our trials it has been gratifying to see how we have worked through them. If we are to expect any longevity at all.. we must have the capacity to forgive and understand, be slow to anger, and quick to share our love. In assessing our journey, it seems we have these characteristics. Through it all however, we always seem to find that amazing peace when we are bathed in one another. It never fails, when we surrender to the truth of our power exchange, the peace washes over us and protects us as we bask in our love. Its wonderful that we can enjoy tender moments, and in a flash, a violent love most could not understand. I am amazed at the fullness of what we have. Its hard to imagine what it will be like when we are finally together. I cannot promise you we will make it out of the airport safely (smiling). Maybe I’ll bribe a customs agent to borrow his interrogation room. I’ll put you up against the wall and give you a delicious strip search. Mmmmmmmm….. you know I’ll have to check to see if you are concealing any contraband within your body (evil chuckle).

natasha, thank you for my treasure. I will always cherish you and lift you to the heavens. You have made me happier than I could ever imagine.

Your Forever Master,

26 December 1994

Working together always brings me a special peace, as it does you … I want to keep this purely for us it may have no interest for others who read it but for me it is so much of what we are about… It is to always remind us what pleasure we take in the simple things an article we read, a picture we look at on the web, we revel in every moment… we reach out an share…we permeate each others lives…this is not a way of living most would enjoy …in fact in the past I would have felt smothered but I crave you and your company … I love being owned by you…I love when you tell me I am your prisoner…I love my warden… I love that every decision I make I make for you with your permission … It is something I could not have fanthomed in the past ….and now I can not imagine not being your slave… I do not know if I could be a slave to another but I do know I am yours…. I adore you natasha

{Artful} god how I love you
{natasha} and how I worship you my Master
{Artful} you are my angel natasha
{Artful} I cannot tell you how filled with you I am
{natasha} I do not think you have to tell me
{natasha} because my seams are bursting
{Artful} yes
{Artful} look at that picture
{Artful} (Reading from an article)  When I say ‘understand’ your
partner, I mean really get to know what she wants. I
think you’d be surprised. Sure she might want hours
of foreplay, sure she might want gentle caresses and
sensitive, sensual sex. On the other hand, she’s just
as likely to want you to grab her by the hair, slam her
against the wall, rip open her blouse, chew her bra off,
throw her onto the floor, tie her  hands to the bedpost
and fuck her senseless. You see, if you don’t ask you’ll
never know. And that’s why I say communication – despite
libido-dampening PC connotations – is vital for both of
you to have sex
{Artful} its a great article
{Artful} I love it
{Artful} did you read it?
{natasha} no it is having a time getting to it
{natasha} waiting for reply
{Artful} I will email it to you
{natasha} Master can we make a section general sexual information
{natasha} and link
{Artful} yes
{natasha} oh godddddddddddddddd
{Artful} it can just as easily go into additional resources
{Artful} oh goddddd what
{natasha} what a picture
{Artful} nice hunh
{Artful} huh
{Artful} delicious
{natasha} yes
{Artful} read the article
{Artful} god I am so filled with you
{natasha} I adore you
{Artful} I want my angel
{natasha} which one was it?
{Artful} OK
* natasha crawls in between her masters legs and kisses his thighs
while he works
{natasha} http://www.differences.com/framer.html
{natasha} look at that Master
{natasha} that should be a link
{natasha} master
* Artful- leans to touch his lips to an angel
{Artful} I crave your supplication
{natasha} you have my worship
{natasha} I will feed you my adoration
{natasha} till you tell me to stop
* natasha slides up her Masters body nibbling him tasting his lips
* Artful- slides his hands through your hair..
{Artful} smiling
{natasha} oh god I love you
{Artful} I cannot get the picture of you in your white negligee…
washed and powdered  out of my mind
{natasha} we are at such peace together
{Artful} ( not that I want to )
{Artful} smiles
{Artful} how nice
{natasha} oh Master
{Artful} I feel bathed in your surrender
{natasha} a great story page
{Artful} washed in your adoration
* natasha grins and just kisses you again
{natasha} I can not wait till everyone goes to sleepppppppp
{Artful} you are my angel
{Artful} I want you powdered
{natasha} and you Master are the one who watches me
{natasha} gages me
{natasha} lifts me up
{Artful} I want to suck on your delicious feet.. bite them
{natasha} holds me in check
{natasha} and tosses me into the skies
{Artful} yes I do
{natasha} you are the one the makes me scream laugh and cry and lay
gently in reverie
{natasha} you are my adored master
{natasha} I feel so honored to be yours
{Artful} you are the one .. my One..
{natasha} and I admire your bravery
{Artful} the one for whom I have waited all my life
{natasha} smiles
{natasha} saucily
{Artful} what bravery my darling
{natasha} to take me on as your forever slave
{natasha} he he
{Artful} ahh
{Artful} smiles
{Artful} nerves of steel
{Artful} smiles
* natasha smiles
{natasha} I adore you
{Artful} I am so in love with you
{Artful} floating on air
{Artful} happy
{natasha} as I am so in love with you
{Artful} filled
{Artful} over flowing with you

25 December 1994

My Dear Master

You are the wind beneath my wings
My Guardian Angel enveloped together
Each only using one wing
We can fly so much higher…
Though we soar on our own
Our power together is Incredible
We are truely magic
Perfect for one another

Merry Christmas Dear Master
Your Slave natasha

24 December 1994

It has been a long time since I have entered our logs in our journal… I think I would like to close out the year with some of our conversations…one of the things that I feel keeps us always on the edge of our seat is our constant reaching out the way we explore each others souls this is a little conversation were we reiterate our needs.

I always have so much fun with you Master you are my best friend my lover my Master my confidant … I adore you …

{natasha} Kissssssssssssssssssssssssss
{natasha} I adore you
{natasha} looking at you softly
{natasha} Kneeling by you
* Artful looks at you with playful eyes and a smile
{natasha} Hands on your knees… grins
{natasha} How I adore you Master
* Artful Spreads his knees making your hands fall and your
chin drop to my lap
* natasha laughs
{Artful} My perfect little slave
{natasha} and …. bites at your manhood through your
{Artful} ouch
{natasha} Master for you what do you need in a slave
* Artful Leans and pinches a nipple
{natasha} What if you had to make a top ten list of
qualities that would please you in a slave what
would they be?
* natasha ******Yelps*******
{Artful} I would have to think to quantify and prioritize..
but, here is what I am looking for,  in general
{natasha} And not a * Letterman List * please …. giggles
{Artful} From the home office in Lincoln Nebraska
{Artful} 1… smiles … she has to be able to handle my all
consuming love my demands and needs etc.
{Artful} Extremely bright
{Artful} Vivacious and effervescent
* natasha listens
{Artful} One who can pull me from my darkness to the
light..  encourage my little boy to play
and have fun
{Artful} She must love to laugh
{Artful} Easily forgive
{Artful} Be kind and devoted.. extremely loyal..  honest
{Artful} Strive to lift me up.. as I will her
{Artful} Have the same burning love for me .. as I have for her
{Artful} Hunger for my domination
{Artful} Communicate her needs
* natasha smiles
{Artful} Be incredibly sensuous
{Artful} Accept me for who I am for my strengths and weaknesses
{Artful} have a love for people in general
{Artful} our characteristics should compliment one another
{natasha} That is a long long long list Master … Grins at you
{natasha} Out of all those where do you feel I am the weakest
{natasha} and where is my greatest strength
{Artful} that’s the amazing thing
{Artful} you are strong in all areas
{Artful} one area however…
{natasha} You are lovely Master
{natasha} Yes Master
{Artful} In you are kind and love others to a fault sometimes
{Artful} Sometimes when it is detrimental to you
{natasha} Do you know how many people have told me that over my life
time Master
{Artful} But you match My needs so perfectly
{Artful} every one with ears and eyes?
{Artful} grins
{natasha} Now can I tell you what must be a *very closely guarded
secret because most do not see it?
{natasha} Because I do love so much I forgive everyone do you know
what that means ?
{Artful} yes
{Artful} tell me
{natasha} That means I hold no anger in my heart
{natasha} Who wins Master
{natasha} the occasional mean person or me?
{Artful} oh.. I agree whole heartedly
{Artful} I am not a grudge holder either
{Artful} but you know that
{natasha} so why for a few tears and a few moments of pain
{natasha} would I keep even an inclining of the negativity in me
{natasha} I just keep believing the next moment they will be better
{Artful} I love you so much
{Artful} you are so perfect to me
{Artful} for me
{Artful} perfect
* natasha grins
{Artful} for me
{natasha} now do you want to hear my top 10
{Artful} yes I do
{Artful} I’m hoping I have a few of your top 10 characteristics
{natasha} OK lol I think you have those and more
{natasha} Class
{natasha} Honesty
{natasha} Kindness
{natasha} Humor
{natasha} Intelligence  … wise
{natasha} Creative
{natasha} A lust For Life
{natasha} Sexual very lusty
{natasha} A lust for Knowledge
{Artful} well..
{Artful} I’m Kind of sexual
{Artful} 1 out of 10 isn’t all that bad
{Artful} do you think?
{natasha} ha ha … Kind of sexual yes eyes dancing … I need a few
more orifices I think to last the rest of my life with you
{natasha} not done
{Artful} OK
{natasha} I need him to love me to distraction
{natasha} and I need to love him to distraction a true romance I know
many submissives / slaves do not seek this they just desire to be
dominated… I need to adore and be adored
{natasha} I need to feel growth and change
{Artful} what?
{Artful} oh
{natasha} and I need to feel trust and respect
{Artful} sorry – I was distracted
{Artful} some love was whipping around my head in a frenzy
{natasha} you mean my throwing my leg over the arm of the chair and
stroking my pussy and licking my fingers and moaning
distracted you Master?
{natasha} batting my eyes
{natasha} pursing my *do me red lips*
{natasha} throwing my head back and laughing
{Artful} um no… not that.
{Artful} there was a crumb on your chin
{Artful} I couldn’t take my eyes off it
{natasha} looks at you and pretends to glare…laughs…you know Master
I could go on for hours and you would fill every wish
{Artful} grins
{Artful} I feel the same about you
{Artful} totally
{Artful} its soooo damn amazing
{natasha} quite nice really darling she says in her best *English
{natasha} and though I enjoy the chats on the channels
{Artful} pip pip cheerio and all that kind of rot
{natasha} I am most often content
{natasha} truly content when I feed off of you
{Artful} me too
{natasha} I truly adore you my Master
{natasha} And I live to serve you
{Artful} And I am truly sooo in love .. and live to protect and love
and dominate you
{natasha} oh and Master the one important thing I did not say
{natasha} it needs to be the one
{natasha} I can put before all else
{natasha} so well we seemed to have the same recipe
{Artful} yes
{Artful} we make the perfect cake
* Artful eats you and gets frosting all over his face
{natasha} it would be fun to do this every four months or so and see if
the needs have changed in our perception
{Artful} yes