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The Diary Begins 9/12

Patience by natasha

Copyright © 1996, `natasha -all rights reserved-

Kneeling hands on her thighs looking up
She yearns to reach out and touch his hand
To cry out for him in endless screams
Patience the time will come

The darkness within her has grown so dim
The Light of the love in her Master’s eyes
Is the spark that heats her burning sex
Patience the time will come

The horizon at times stretches out endlessly
The slave look looking out seeing the vast distance
The Master watching quietly…understanding … whispers
Patience the time will come

Master and Slave alone with their love
Burning souls lighting the horizons
The souls comprehend what the mind denies
Patience the time will come

One soft caressing phrase followed
By the scream of the whip upon the flesh
Master and slave … two become one
The Time has come….